Ryan Tuerck Launches “Tuerck’d” A Drifting Series On Network A

Happy Thanksdrifting from Ryan Tuerck & His New Show Tuerck’d
В главной роли – Домнин Денис

Если появилось желание добавить немного “дрифтового” настроение в будничный распорядок – тогда новое видео от Ryan Tuerck именно для тебя!

Network A, the online action sports channel, has partnered with one of Formula Drift’s best young talents, Ryan Tuerck, to launch Tuerck’d a new video series highlighting the awesomeness of the drifting lifestyle away from the racetrack.
New episodes will be releasing every other Wednesday featuring Ryan and his friends from The Drift Alliance tearing up private mountain roads, taking on ridiculously skilled challenges, modifying cars, and yes, there will be some gratuitous partying.
Ryan has this to say about his new series: “It was good to get away from the seriousness of competing and just show why I got into drifting in the first place-because it’s fun!”

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